YAZAKI is a company of automotive harnesses established in the country since 2006 with an investment of USD 6 million Dollars, located in the city of Santa Ana.   They exceeded their own expectations, making their first exportation to the United States, nine month after the beginning of their establishment in the country. The quality and efficiency levels achieved by YAZAKI in El Salvador exceed world standards (34 PPM - defective parts per million).   In El Salvador they have been manufactured harnesses for brands like Subaru, Ford and Chryler, among others. In 2014, production exceeded USD 39 Million Dollars, exporting to the United States, Mexico, Nicaragua, Canada and Honduras.   YAZAKI started operations in 2006 with 450 employees, growing to nearly 1,000 employees today. 80 % of them are women, producing between 300-400 harnesses per day.    “After having carried out the necessary studies to determine the location of our new international operation, YAZAKI decided to establish operations in El Salvador because it offers the necessary conditions to be globally competitive”.