OPP film, it’s a company dedicated to the production of packaging materials of bi-oriented polypropylene (BOPP), in varieties: transparent, matt and metallic. Is a subsidiary of Oben holdign Group which has production plants in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile and Argentina. The group started operations in 1991 in Ecuador, but then decided to settle in Peru, where it is currently the parent company, and from where it generates the highest percentage of production and export of packaging materials for the entire Latin American region. In 2010, OPP Film established a commercial office in El Salvador to meet orders for small and medium enterprises in Central America and the Caribbean. In late 2013 the company makes the decision to establish in El Salvador its first production plant of bi-oriented polypropylene films, under the name of OPP Film El Salvador, S.A. de C.V., with an initial investment of USD 54 million, located in San Juan Opico. In June 2015, the company increased its initial investment in the country in USD 46 million, investing a total of USD 100 million in the country and creating 180 direct jobs. In the same year, OPP Film established a trading company in American Park Free Zone, investing USD 788,000 and generating 5 direct jobs, in order to distribute their products in El Salvador and in other countries in the region.