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Nanyang Footweare is a shoe company founded in Taiwan with manufacturing plants in Guangzhou, and Hunan, China, creating approximately 2,700 direct jobs.

In 2011, the company began to evaluate expanding its operations in Latin America, including El Salvador. It sought the proximity to the USA, its main market, to meet its accelerated growth projections for the next five years.

NanyangFootwear decided to establish a footwear assembly company in El Salvador and take advantage of DR-CAFTA to export to the United States, driven by the outcomes of its assessment and the assistance provide by PROESA.

The company plans to invest approximately U.S. $ 1.5 million dollars and create about 180 direct jobs in the department of La Paz during the first phase of the project, becoming the first foreign footwear company to establish itself in the country.

The proximity to its main market and the highly productive and competitive workforce of the country, convinced NanyangFootwear to establish operations in El Salvador in 2012.

Exports to USA have been estimated in U.S. $ 50 million dollars – and their plan for the next two years is to manufacture 5 million pairs of shoes in El Salvador.