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HIDROEXPO, company of the agroindustry sector with more than 15 years of the producing and exporting vegetables

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HIDROEXPO started operations in El Salvador in 2002, with an initial investment of US $23.5 million, integrated by 34 greenhouses, 4 screened houses, packaging plant, fertirrigation systems, automated nursery, cold storage, cellars and reservoirs in a land area of 50 hectares.


The company of the agroindustry sector, is located in the Pipil Free Zone in the department of La Libertad, as the result of a joint investment of Salvadoran and Israeli capital through Rizk Alla Brothers Ltd, dedicated to the production of chili pepper (Bell pepper) and tomato (Beef), under controlled greenhouse conditions. Today, the company is fully Salvadoran.


In accordance with the Ministry of Economy, to initiate the production of vegetables in the Pipil Free Zone, 25% of the investment was shared with joint investors and the remaining 75% of the cash requirements was made through bank financing and/or capital contributions from other institutions.


Hidroexpo Initially exporting between 30 and 40 containers per week of tomato it is estimated that around 600 direct jobs were generated.


Today it has specialized in bell peppers (chili pepper) and in 2016 it is estimated that 200 direct jobs and 600 indirect jobs were generated.


According to the Hidroexpo’s General Manager, Rodrigo Martínez: “What we do is produce, classify and export chili pepper to the US market. The company has been exporting over 14 years, we produce between 150 and 250 containers each 8-month production cycle, complying with the health protection protocols of the countries, which oblige us to prepare quality standards and minimize any risk of pests”.


Hidroexpo currently exports 1,800 tons of chili pepper, valued at US $3 million, 99% to the United State market, especially to: Houston, Miami, New Orleans and Delaware. The rest is exported to Nicaragua, Panama and Venezuela. The main export clients are Del Monte and Lipman Products.


Hidroexpo foresees increasing its exports of chili pepper to the North American market taking advantage of the current production capacity; produce other vegetables such as Roma tomatoes (cooking), cucumber, aubergine and habanero and boost an electrical power generation project for vegetable production under greenhouses, taking advantage of the Tax Incentives Act to Promote Renewable Energies.


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