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AES El Salvador invests in generating clean energy to provide world class energy solutions

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AES starts operations in El Salvador in 1998, during the privatization of energy distribution companies. Initially, the AES Corporation acquires the CLESA company and the Electricidad de Caracas (EDC), a Venezuelan energy group, under the name of ENERSAL, acquires CAESS and EEO shares. DEUSEM is acquired by CAESS.


In 2000 the AES Corporation acquires the majority shareholding of the EDC group of Venezuela and therefore its assets abroad,  that is how CAESS, EEO and DEUSEM become companies of AES El Salvador, together with CLESA.


The AES Corporation decides to invest in El Salvador, recognizing the value and energy of its people, the constant development of its service infrastructure and above all thanks to a clear vision of progress.


The investment of AES in El Salvador, since it entered the country, exceeds US $ 900 million, including the distribution and generation companies, as well as the new 100 MW photovoltaic solar generation project Bósforo.


Nowadays, the magnitude of the operations of AES in El Salvador places them as one of the main investment groups of the country, oriented to provide a service of constant industrial and commercial growth, and in that way it contributes to improve the quality of life of the population through world-class energy solutions.


The company AES El Salvador, has a workforce of 1,800 employees who carry power to approximately 75% of the national electricity market, since the company has a local presence in the country with four distribution companies.


Additionally, AES El Salvador has two clean energy generation plants: AES Nejapa, based on biogas and AES Moncagua, with a photovoltaic solar source.


This is reaffirmed by the president of AES El Salvador, Abraham Bichara: "We have ventured into efficient public lighting projects, solar photovoltaic self-supply, distributed generation, and we also have global experience in energy storage".


The distributors of AES El Salvador each year make investments to increase the coverage of the electrical distribution network, improvement works in the network and in technology to provide a better electric power service that takes more than 1 million 380 thousand customers.


According to data from AES El Salvador, in 2017 the distribution companies CAESS, CLESA, EEO and DEUSEM invested US $ 38.5 million in improving and expanding the energy service. They also started the construction of the Bósforo project.


Currently AES El Salvador, together with Corporación Multi Inversiones (CMI), is developing an important project to generate 100 MW of energy with a photovoltaic solar source, with an investment of 160 million dollars. 70% of the investment of the Bósforo project is financed by important multilateral banks.


During 2018 AES El Salvador, through its distribution companies CAESS, CLESA, EEO and DEUSEM, will invest $ 33.1 million dollars for operation, maintenance and expansion of the electric service.


For more than ten years, AES El Salvador has been developing social responsibility programs based on aspects inherent to its business activities, and they have been conceived under a vision of sustainability. This has allowed us to align ourselves with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promoted by the United Nations Global Compact, in order to continue contributing to improve the quality of life of Salvadorans.


The programs focus on four fundamental pillars: rural electrification projects that make it possible to access energy for populations that did not have this service (AES Energía Rural); Education in efficient and safe use of electricity (AES Education); environmental conservation and biodiversity programs (AES Environment); as well as training for the development and inclusion of women (AES Women).


AES El Salvador is concerned to accompany the economic growth of the country, providing the electric service required by homes, businesses and industries under a sustainable approach, which allows to ensure the protection of natural resources for future generations.


AES El Salvador believes that sustainability has one of its main foundations energy efficiency, which is why it provides permanent training, information and advice, strengthen its technological tools to assist its customers, and have permanent programs aimed at create a culture of responsible and safe use of electricity in the new generations.


Thus, AES El Salvador develops actions that promote the efficient use of electricity, as well as providing solutions to reduce the high consumption of energy in the home and generate a positive impact on the environment:

  • Campaign "Illuminating your economy". A commitment to the development and strengthening of the culture of efficiency and energy saving in commerce, industry and in Salvadoran homes. It provides the population with useful tips on how to achieve high energy efficiency, which can be applied in sectors such as industry, commerce and home.
  • Energy Efficiency Manual. AES El Salvador, together with the Central American University, UCA, created the Energy Efficiency Manual, a reference material and a practical guide for technical training, which provide tools that help businesses operate more efficiently.
  • Magic Energy. Since 2007, we have taken our Magical Energy educational program to the communities and schools of the country, with the aim of creating a culture of awareness about the valuable resource of electric power.


The AES Corporation, is a global energy company with more than 30 years of experience and presence in 15 countries, which generates and serves the electricity that makes business development possible and improves the quality of life of millions of people. 

Actualizado 06/28/2018
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