El Salvador, located in the heart of the Americas between North and South America, is an export-oriented free-market economy. The country extends from a coastal plain to a volcanic upland in the interior.


El Salvador has evolved over the last two decades. Today, it offers its business partners:


  • A free economy, among the freest in Latin America
  • Proven macroeconomic stability, with the U.S. dollar as legal tender
  • Openness to global trade and investment
  • Democracy and political stability


Capital: San Salvador

Official Language: Castellano

Area: 21,041 Km2 /8,124 mi2

Population (million): 6.6

GDP (billion USD): 26,056.9

GDP per capita (USD): 3,959

Time Zone: UTC – 6

Currency: USD



Actualizado 11/11/2019
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