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Frequently Asked Questions


What is PROESA?


PROESA is El Salvador’s Export and Investment Promotion Agency. It is an autonomous government institution responsible for export promotion, investments and public-private partnerships. PROESA’s goal is to generate economic growth and create jobs by attracting foreign direct investment and aiding the expansion of Salvadoran firms abroad.


What services does PROESA provide?

  • Promotion of foreign direct investment in specific sectors.
  • Advisory to potential investors in the process of evaluating investment opportunities in the country.
  • Support and guidance to investors in fulfilling proceedings to establish or expand their businesses in the country.
  • Assistance in developing specific agendas for investors during their country visits, which may be required as part of their decision making process.
  • Information and statistics on investment, as well as on new business opportunities.
  • Propose projects to improve the investment climate in the country.

What is the cost of PROESA´s services?


All services provided by PROESA are free.


What are the steps an investor must follow to establish a company in El Salvador?


Please click on the following link (link in spanish):


A foreign company must register in El Salvador?


Yes. Article 17 of the Investment Law states that: "Foreign investors must register their investments at the ONI, and will be issued a credential, which grants holders the quality as a foreign investor, according to the recorded investment".


What rights are granted to foreign investors in El Salvador?

According to the Investment Law, El Salvador offers:

  • Ease of paperwork
  • Equality to all investors
  • Freedom to invest
  • Funds transfer overseas
  • Residency to investors
  • Access to local funding
  • Property protection and safety

Actualizado 07/22/2015