The tourism industry in El Salvador reported annual growth

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According to official figures at the end of 2016, El Salvador reported the arrival of more than 2 million foreigners that made tourism in the country. By 2015 the country managed to earn income by USD 1, 187.05 million, representing a growth of 4.9% in income of tourists and 5.1% in revenues received.


The participation of tourism in the Salvadoran economy has been growing in recent years, from 3.20% of the GDP in 2012 to 4.51% of GDP at the end of the year 2015, this shows the dynamism of the sector and the potential for growth by what becomes a sector of importance in attracting investment into El Salvador, therefore PROESA reports for 2016 a commitment of investment of USD 15 million 500 thousand for this sector.


The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), indicates that the industry on a global scale registered a growth of 4 % for 2016. For this year the UNWTO foresees that the world tourism continues to the rise, between 3 % and 4% of growth similar to that of last year.


For El Salvador, 2017 will be a key year because more airlines will operate in the market and there will be new offers in hotels that begin operations this year, this will provide greater capacity and diversity of options for tourists. According to the authorities, to the closure of 2017 the country could receive more than 2 million 132 thousand tourists.


The UNWTO said that tourism represents for the last year, 10% of world GDP, 7% of international trade and 30% of the exports of services.


For the president and Chief delegate of the Council world of travel and tourism, David Scowsill, the tourism industry is an engine of sustainable development.

Actualizado 01/31/2017
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