2M Outsourcing and Ortus Solutions a successful and vanguard alliance

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The seed of this important group of salvadorean companies sprouted in 1994 when the genesis of electronic communication and internet Access in El Salvador began. The first company in the group was 2MService, created to offer hardware and software maintenance solutions in the 1990s. Today, 25 years later this entrepreneurial initiative has become a holding of 4 company of which two are dedicated to the outsourcing of specialized services.


The objective of 2MService – specialized in ITO – and 2MOutsourcing – specialized in BPO – is to become an eficiente extensión of the costumer organizational structure, in other words, to these two companies their customers outsource key business tasks.


At present, outsourcing is a growing strategic decision that companies take to focus on their core business, without neglecting the quality of other services, which are also fundamental to their businesses. When companies allow third parties with experience to manage key processes, the efficiency and productivity of their resources is maximized.


Outsourcing services have been diversifying, taking on different specializations, one of them is remote programming which is in a spiral of growth throughout the development in the cloud. This is how the 2M group is providing human resources from El Salvador for the development of applications, creation of files, appointment management, administration of corporate systems, among others.


Recently the company 2M Outsourcing has generated an alliance with the company Ortus Solutions, this second of North American origin but of Salvadoran partners. Opening a greater opportunity for local human resources specialized in programming, covering the entire life cycle of development of certain specific customer processes, from back-end to front-end.


Companies such as Ortus Solutions were previously looking for outsourcing in Asia and Europe, now bet on Salvadoran technicians. Its clients include some of the biggest names such as the European Commission, NASA and many others within the United States Government.


This new alliance will allow to generate a greater opportunity of the knowledge of the country and the qualified human resource that offers, emphasizing a work of quality and innovation, promoting confidence and satisfaction bonds towards the client.

Actualizado 03/29/2019
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