El Salvador first place in Cross-Border Trade Facilitation in Latin America

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El Salvador stands out as the leader in cross-border trade in America with a score in the global index of 65.41 points, being higher than the average for Latin America and the Caribbean with 58.97 points, according to the Doing Business 2019 report.


The country´s avanced is due to the improvement in times at the border, highlighting the success in times of export, this due to the introduction of an intermediate customs in Santa Ana, for exports and imports that transit the border of Anguiatú. In addition, the improvement in import and export costs is highlighted which from 2010 to date has improved by 17 positions.


The high profundization in the comercial opening, multilateral agreements and the formation of the Customs Union protocol make El Salvador a dynamic country in trade facilitation, maintaining leadership at the level of Latin America.

Actualizado 04/29/2019
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