El Salvador implements a new System of Commercial Intelligence

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The Ministry of Economy (MINEC) in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs made available the Commercial Intelligence System of El Salvador. This system aims to expand national productive capacities and to promote the supply of Salvadoran products, being a very useful tool for the society, the entrepreneur people, the government, and the public policy formulators.


The system presents in an integrated and systematized way, all the information necessary for the decision making in the commercial matter. At the same time, it identifies opportunities in the national and international market. The information to be presented to the system users are statistics of the trade, goods, tariffs that are confronted in each market, details of commercial agreements, studies and profiles for sectors or markets, logistic profiles, information of fairs and events, as well as news that are relevant to the world.


Within the new aspects that compose this system, we find the methodology for the identification of the competitive potential of the products exported by El Salvador, as well as the identification of the potential of demand of the markets. Where through the estimation of indexes, there is a calculation of an approximation to the conditions of supply or demand for the products and markets.


The implementation of the commercial intelligence system is expected to contribute to economic growth and job creation, which are translated into greater well-being for the Salvadoran society.


For more information about the Commercial Intelligence System, you can access the website:

Actualizado 05/28/2019
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