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El Salvador offers an ideal location for food production and processing, as well as to meet specific market niches that go beyond traditional agricultural industries. Its proximity to high consumption markets facilitates the export of these products.


In terms of commercial openness, we offer preferential access to nearly 1,200 million consumers in 44 countries.


The following niches offer excellent Investment Opportunities:


  • Maritime Extraction, Aquaculture and Fish Processing: El Salvador enjoys biodiversity and stock of marine species, availability of industrial and artisanal fishing fleet, appropriate climate for aquaculture and other advantages that offer opportunities for the extraction and processing of non-traditional fishery products and of large pelagic, continental and marine aquaculture.


  • Ornamental Plants: Exports of live plants and floricultural products show a growth trend in the last 8 years with an average annual growth rate of 31%. El Salvador has ecological and climatic conditions suitable for crops throughout the year that allows the supply to match the demand. Opportunities exist in the niches of rooted cuttings to be produced in places of destination and high value tropical flowers.


  • Vegetables: the main advantage for the production of vegetables of high unit value are the microclimates and thermal floors for an important variety of crops with different flavors and appearance, which can be produced throughout the year. Likewise, it has the capacity to develop organic crops based on the growing experience in the country to develop greenhouse products. Opportunities exist in the niches of high unit value vegetables and pre-cut vegetables.


  • Sugar Derivatives: El Salvador is the second producer and exporter of sugar in Central America and seventh worldwide. The country is able to supply this important input to various industries to diversify the uses of sugarcane in niches such as confectionery, rum production and agglomerated bagasse boards for construction.


  • Food Preparations: El Salvador is the second largest producer of corn in the Central American region. In addition, there is availability of raw material locally and regionally for the production of frozen food preparations based on corn and snacks.
Actualizado 05/03/2018