Light Manufacturing



El Salvador: A Platform to Export to Large Markets

El Salvador offers a successful export platform with strategic location, high productivity and competitive costs for companies in the fields of medical devices, footwear, auto parts and electronic components, who want to establish manufacturing plants and export their products to big markets.



  • Manufactoring Plants for:


  • Auto parts (harnesses, seat covers, safety systems, automotive sensors)


  • Medical devices (medical supplies, orthopedic products, hospital furniture, etc.)


  • Passive electronic components (tantalum and ceramic capacitors, transistors, resistors, etc.)


  • Footwear (footwear manufacturing, assembly of footwear components and parts, manufacturing of footwear inputs, components and accessories)


  • Logistics Hub for the Central American Region:


  • El Salvador provides a natural location for companies that want to service the 47 million people regional market.



  • Dollarize Economy


  • Strategic location in the center of the Americas to be used as a logistics platform:

The Light Manufacturing exports represent about 11% of total exports in 2015


  • Free trade agreements with major markets:

The CAFTA-DR rule of origin granted by the United States for footwear is more flexible than in any other free trade agreement


  • Installed capacity in key complementary industries

The textile and apparel sector is one of the most important in the country and includes yarn and fabric manufacturers, as well as apparel companies. El Salvador has a mature plastics industry. Currently, many of the plastic companies have installed capacity to offer outsourcing or even make joint ventures with international companies. In the metal mechanics sector, there are companies with CNC workshops, capable of sourcing precision parts


  • Low operating costs


  • Highly-qualified human capital

El Salvador has production efficiency rates higher than 90% in the Light Manufacturing sector


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