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Clarifying Press Release

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To whom it may concern:


Given recent publications made in social media, that question the transparency of the activities and the functioning of the Promoter Organism of Exports and Investments of El Salvador, made anonymously and without technical or financial reasons, PROESA clarifies that:


  • In 2017 the total budget of the Government of El Salvador assigned to PROESA was of $3,150,990. This amount has remained the same during the past five years, without registering any increase.


  • PROESA doesn’t employs under the Wages Law. Likewise, the Regulation of Institutional Travel Allowances of PROESA doesn’t establish the payment of travel nor entertainment expenses to any public servant or employee.


  • PROESA complies with the established in the Access of Information Law (LAIP), with regard to the divulgation of the unofficial information, that reads as follows in its 10th article: “the entities obligated, informally, will place, disclose, and update for the public´s disposal, in terms of the lineaments that the Institute issues, the following information: a) The assigned budget, including all the line items, sectors and amounts that form it, as well as the budgets for projects; b) The monthly remuneration by budgetary position, including the salary categories of the Wages and Contracting Law, and the approved amounts for subsistence allowances and entertainment expenses.”



  • As evidence of the transparency that leads the functionality of PROESA, in 2017 it was recognized, as the second institution of the State with more improvements in the access of public information. In the document of the IAIP, named “Informe de fiscalización 2017: entes públicos no municipales”, it is emphasized, in addition, that in terms of the publication of unofficial information, the entity that obtained the best improvement index was PROESA, which increased its grade in 6.07 points, regarding the previous evaluation. “This means that the information related to the public servants’ trips, budgets, inventories, advisers, among others, has been surpassed satisfactorily and now it is available in the website for the public’s disposition”, stands out the report.


PROESA keeps working for the compliance of the State´s right, the transparency and the access to public information.


San Salvador, 7th of February of 2019



Actualizado 05/31/2019

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