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Clarifying Press Release

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The Export and Investments Agency of El Salvador (PROESA) clarifies, in accordance with the publications of defamatory and slanderous nature in social media, that:


  1. The diverse modifications made in the content of the internal regulation of PROESA (RIT) were registered in 2017 and were realized with the purpose of fulfilling the legal national norms. The most important are contemplated in the Law of Equality, Equity and Eradication of the discrimination against women, DECREE N° 645. Due to the mentioned before, the new regulation of internal work entered in validity in April 1st of 2019.


  1. The realized modifications to the RIT were a result of the agreement, dialogue and consensus of an interinstitutional commission formed by the Human Resources areas, the Administrative and Legal Management, the Gender Unit and the Internal Audit of PROESA.


  1. The internal-institutional regulation establishes in the 54th article, named “the compensation by voluntary withdrawal”, recites as follows: “The personnel will have the right of an economic compensation for an equivalent amount of one month of accrued income to the date and proportionally by fractions of a year, for each labored year, up to a maximum amount equivalent to six months, when its functions cease by voluntary withdrawal, when it has as minimum two years of service in the institution. All the mention above exempts the owner of the institution, according to the budget availability.


  1. The modifications were realized in virtue of delivering more and a better guarantee of the full exercise of its rights to the workers of the autonomous.


  1. PROESA is a compromised entity with the respect and guarantee of rights of all its personnel.


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May 30th of 2019



Actualizado 05/31/2019

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