“Negotiations that evolve as quickly and efficiently as these are highly motivational since they are based on the security and trust that high caliber investors such as Pettenati have in the country, as well as other particular conditions. Although before Pattenati, several companies manufactured sports and elastic clothes in El Salvador, the country did not manufacture circular woven synthetic fabrics so they had to be imported. Now, these fabrics are produced locally, reducing imports of this raw material and waiting times. Local procurement of these materials resulted in reduced costs and lead times (few days or even hours), and in improved quality, competitiveness and production capacity of these manufacturers or Pettenati customers. Proesa played a very important role in the establishment of the Brazilian textile company, which invested about US$ 150 million, creating around a thousand jobs in the Municipality of Coatepeque. The company believes in the preservation of the environment, and therefore recycles its industrial waste by using biodegradable materials and treats its water. Raw materials contain no environmentally harmful heavy metals or chemical compounds. The factory is located on 265 000 m2 of land, of which only 40 000m2 are used by the factory building, leaving enough room for expansion. The factory building area is distributed in four buildings and a water treatment plant."