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Healthcare Services

Investment in health services infrastructure for medical tourism


El Salvador offers geographical proximity for quality health services at competitive costs, making it an ideal destination for the establishment of hospitals, clinics, medical centers and resort hospitals, to serve medical tourism.



Investment Opportunities in health services for medical tourism

  • Hospitals

Investors can establish the first internationally accredited hospital for medical tourism. There is the opportunity to co-invest with local business groups.

  • Specialized Clinics

El Salvador has the appropriate human capital and infrastructure to establish specialized medical centers in ophthalmology, dental care, orthopedics, rehabilitation, cosmetic surgery, oncology and aphaeresis.

  • Medical Spas

The country offers the perfect setting to establish a relaxation center combined with medical therapy, as it has unexplored tourist places of an exotic beauty.

  • Resort hospitals for chronic diseases

El Salvador has land available near volcanoes and beaches, ideal locations to establish a health center for chronic diseases, with the amenities of a resort hotel. The proximity of these places allows relying on the support of the medical centers of nearby cities.

Advantages of investing in El Salvador

  • The existence of qualified medical professionals with postgraduate courses abroad, mainly in Mexico, the U.S. and Europe that offer services at very competitive costs.
  • The community of Salvadorans abroad, about 3 million people, is a natural market that is constantly visiting the country and undergoes its health treatments locally.
  • El Salvador is located in the center of the Americas and provides excellent air connectivity with the U.S., allowing patients to move from that country to El Salvador in a short time (for example, two hours from Miami, five hours from Los Angeles by plane).There is an International Services Law, which provides attractive tax incentives.
  • Availability of human resources, with approximately 12 000 physicians. The national education system offers 20 health sector related careers, and graduates more than 3,200 new professionals every year.
  • Human talent recognized internationally for their dedication to service, friendly care and high quality standards.
  • Health services provided at costs significantly lower than in the United States and Canada. The savings for a patient may be up to 80%.

Actualizado 09/13/2013