Competitive Infrastructure


The Global Competitiveness Report 2019 of the World Economic Forum places El Salvador among the nations with the best infrastructure in the region. In Central America, El Salvador ranks in the 1st place in road connectivity index and 2nd place in infrastructure.



El Salvador provides adequate infrastructure for trade facilitation that not only offers road connectivity but also constantly improves the cross-border trade experience. In 2018, the country ratified its incorporation to a customs union with Honduras and Guatemala. This union turns the crossing points into customs offices of transit allowing companies to mobilize merchandise and carry out business freely, nimbly and efficiently. Some of the benefits from this union are time reductions in logistics, operating cost reductions, productive chains integration, and joint production unification.


a)Highway Network

The country enjoys a modern and efficient road network that connects its main cities and offers a rapid and easy access to the rest of the region.

El Salvador main highways:

•Panamerican Highway
•Litoral (Coastal) Highway
•Longitudinal del Norte (North Longitudinal) Highway

The high connectivity and quality of El Salvador’s road infrastructure facilitates the transport of goods between production centers and ports.


b) Airports


El Salvador International Airport (AIES – SOARG) stands out as an important regional hub and top class maintenance center for commercial aircrafts.

El Salvador International Airport (AIES – SOARG) is one of the largest and most modern in the region. It operates as Avianca’s hub for Central America. Other airlines from South and North America, and Europe also operate in this airport.


c) Ports


El Salvador has a versatile port infrastructure able to respond to the needs of freight services effectively.


Main ports:

•Port Acajutla: Located in the western region of the country
•Port La Unión: Located in the eastern region of the country and showcases as one of the most important and modern in Central America.




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