Strategic Location


El Salvador has a privileged geographical location. Located at the heart of the Americas, it is a true commercial bridge between North and South America. El Salvador is also part of the bi-oceanic corridor linking Europe to Asia.


The geographical location of El Salvador allows traveling by air to major cities in North and South America in just a few hours (2-5 hours flight), with direct flights to over 33 destinations, and besides the International Airport of El Salvador is the regional hub for the Avianca airline. Freight transport is also facilitated by the country's proximity to major shipping routes.




El Salvador has an incredible location for manufacturing companies that seek short response times to meet customer demands in North and South America. Likewise, the country’s modern port and airport infrastructure is determinant for companies to have efficient logistics operations.

In the area of ​​international services (off shoring and outsourcing), the location of  El Salvador is key, as it shares the same time zone as the central United States (CST), six hours behind the Greenwich Mean Time ( GMT). This is strategic for the country to provide offshore business services and commercial aircraft maintenance.

Actualizado 04/29/2020
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