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PROESA supports investment by Salvadorans abroad in tourism sector project

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Salvador Gómez Góchez, president of the Export and Investment Promotion Agency of El Salvador (PROESA) visited Hotel and Restaurant Bola de Monte Resort, an upcoming tourist attraction that will be located in the department of Ahuachapán.


The project will have an investment of 3.5 million dollars and is an investment made by members of the Salvadoran community abroad (SALEX).


"I want to congratulate you on this great investment you are making. The government of our president Nayib Bukele has restored the confidence of Salvadoran brothers who live abroad and motivates them to invest in their places of origin”, Gómez Góchez said.


Also, he praised the effort that this group of businessmen is making for the country: "This kind of project is impressive. This is the reflection that El Salvador is in the eyes of national and foreign investors”, he said.


The head of PROESA made available to the group of entrepreneurs the services provided by the institution in order to work as a team with potential investors inside and outside the country. Likewise, he called on Salvadorans residing abroad to invest, because PROESA is committed to accompany them until their projects are successful. 


Moisés Rosa, SALEX businessman, said: "We want to build a unique tourist attraction in El Salvador and attract national and international tourists. For me, it is a pride to invest in my country and generate jobs for my Salvadoran brothers”.


Rosa also shared Gómez Góchez's thought about confidence in the new government. During the meeting, he explained that he dared to invest in El Salvador because president Bukele "is a reliable person, who is doing things differently. He is the best president in the world”.


In conclusion, the mayor of San Francisco Menéndez, Adin Zetino, thanked president Salvador Gómez Góchez for his visit and for the support he gives to the municipality. At the same time, he said that "today we see a different government, with land ministers who go to the communities”.


Bola de Monte Resort Hotel and Restaurant will offer an ecological environment and will have capacity for 30 rooms, two restaurants, salt and fresh water pools, among other attractions that will enhance tourism to the Surf City project.


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December, 19th 2019



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