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The Export and Investment Promotion Agency of El Salvador (known as PROESA) informs to the community that the public activities planned to be carried out by the institution are suspended until new notification.


This is in response to the declaration of a nationwide red alert issued today by the president of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, as a measure to safeguard the population from the threat of the COVID 19 virus.


All public activities scheduled by the directions in charge of Exports, Investments, Public-Private Partnerships and other operational areas of the institution are suspended.


As an institution of the Government of El Salvador, we encourage the population to keep calm, to inform yourself through official media and take into account the stipulated preventive measures.


PROESA is committed to the development of keeping an atmosphere of economic, political and social security that seeks the well-being of citizens.


 March 13th, 2020 


Actualizado 04/01/2020
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