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These are the provisions of the Government of El Salvador to contain the COVID-19 pandemic so far, as determined by the president of the Republic, Nayib Bukele:


1. The Expanded Health Cabinet was activated, with daily meetings and monitoring to analyze the situation and take appropriate actions.


2. Since January, concrete actions have been initiated, such as sanitization of the International Airport, and the installation of thermographic cameras at the different borders of the country.


3. The free entry of foreigners is gradually being restricted until it is determined that none may enter to El Salvador by any means.


4. Salvadorans residents and diplomats entering the country will be subject to a 30-day quarantine without exceptions or privileges. Any person, Salvadoran or foreign, who attempts to enter the country through blind spots will be arrested.


5. Classes, workshops and diploma courses at all levels, in both the public and private sectors, have been suspended until 13th April or until new notification.


6. Public performances and sporting events have been suspended until new notification.


7. Outpatient care in all 31 national hospitals and all health units is suspended until new notification.


8. The Legislative Assembly approves two decrees to combat the COVID-19 pandemic: The State of Emergency, and the Law of Temporary Restriction of Concrete Constitutional Right to handle the COVID-19 Emergency.


9. Non-emergency private and public dental appointments are suspended.


10. You should only leave the house when it is strictly necessary. This is not a vacation, but a State of Emergency and Exception.


11. Crowds of more than 50 people are prohibited, except for workplaces, people in traffic and bus stations.


12. Duicentros, bars, discotheques and gyms must close, for at least 14 days, from the moment it was decreed.


13. The public sector and private enterprise must send home, without exception, the following workers:


-Over the age of 60,


-Pregnant women,


-People with chronic diseases, such as kidney failure, immunosuppressed people, serious heart conditions, and all cases indicated by the Ministry of Labour.


Companies should carry out this measure on a paid basis, allowing home office where possible.


14. The public sector should send to home workers who are not strictly necessary to provide vital services, without exception. This measure includes the other State institutions and all the City Halls.


15. The Ministry of Labour will verify the strict compliance with these measures, otherwise fines will be imposed. Also, it will supervise that all companies that continue working comply with the established occupational health and containment measures.


16. All these labour measures will be in force for 30 days from 17th March.


17. Companies other than those providing food, medicine or supplies necessary for the operation of the country are advised to send staff home, for payment. The Government will benefit all companies that do so by pre-qualifying them with productive and working capital loans from Banco Hipotecario.


18. The Salvadoran Consumer Protection Institution will initiate price fixing to prevent abuse and hoarding will be fined.


19. The Vice-Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Public Works will verify that public transport drivers wear masks and make alcohol gel available to passengers, also to sanitizing the units 3 times a day.


20. Construction has begun of the largest hospital in Latin America to deal with the pandemic, which will be at the Center of Fairs and Conventions (known as CIFCO). It will have 300 Intensive Care Units and more than 2,000 hospital beds, exclusively for confirmed patients.


21. All government institutions involved, including the Civil National Police (known as PNC), must ensure the compliance with these health provisions. The Armed Forces coordinate logistics in quarantine centers.


Containing the coronavirus is the responsibility of each of us. Stay home.


Whatever happens, we'll do right by our country.


 San Salvador, March 17th, 2020 



Actualizado 04/03/2020
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