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PROESA and USAID launch virtual initiative to promote Salvadoran exports

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The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in partnership with the Export and Investment Promotion Agency of El Salvador (PROESA) launched an initiative to promote Salvadoran exports through virtual business rounds with companies from Honduras and Guatemala.


From August 11 to 21, 2020, 24 Salvadoran companies from the food and beverage, manufacturing, and agribusiness sectors will participate in a series of virtual business rounds with buyers from Honduras and Guatemala, under the guidance of PROESA. This event will facilitate commercial activities with potential buyers and allow Salvadoran companies to find new business opportunities and close sales in these regional markets.


Due to the recent COVID-19 crisis, companies have been forced to temporarily close or adjust their services to the context of confinement and quarantine, so USAID and PROESA are developing this activity in order to promote exports and sales of Salvadoran products through innovation, promotion and the use of technological platforms.


PROESA expects to have at least 40 purchasing companies from Guatemala and the same number from Honduras. The expected results are to generate at least $500,000 in sales resulting from the negotiations in both countries, and each of the 24 Salvadoran exporters will have the opportunity to have at least 4 new business contacts per company in Honduras and another 4 in Guatemala. It is expected that these estimated sales will concretize in a period of six months.


PROESA is developing this activity through its Trade Promotion Department, and USAID is supporting this initiative through its Economic Competitiveness Project, which seeks to strengthen the capacities of micro, small and medium enterprises to increase the country's competitiveness by expanding competition in domestic and export markets.


The launch event, which took place through a virtual conference, was attended by PROESA President, Salvador Gómez Góchez, and USAID El Salvador's Director of Economic Growth, Mark Wilt, along with representatives of the 24 Salvadoran companies and strategic actors that will participate in the implementation of this initiative.


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August 10th, 2020

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